Car Accident Chiropractor in Spokane

Car Accident Chiropractic in Spokane

Car accidents happen more often than ever before, largely due to distracted driving. This is equally true for Spokane, where car accidents have been increasing over the past few years. And our Car accident chiropractic service will help patients feel more secure about spinal problems after an accident.

While some accidents cause severe trauma which requires immediate emergency medical attention, most accidents are classified as “minor,” causing little more than whiplash, neck pain, headaches, and general bodily discomfort which often lasts days, weeks, or in some cases, even months after the impact.

Any pain can signify spinal damage.

Unfortunately, most car accident victims dismiss such pain as a small inconvenience and consider it as something that will eventually go away on its own. The reality is, however, that spinal misalignments don’t go away on their own, and that any pain is a red flag signifying that something more serious could be wrong.

Top Rated Car Accident Chiropractic Spokane

As an expert, Dr. Weishaar and his team understand that even little pain can mean big damage to the spine, which is why seeing a chiropractor is so important. By conducting a thorough examination and taking digital x-rays, we are able to pinpoint the cause of pain and devise a customized treatment plan that is aimed at correcting any spinal misalignments.

Why is getting help quickly so critical?

Spinal misalignments happen at the moment of impact, and while many may not feel any pain, or little pain altogether, it doesn’t change the fact that the spine is out of alignment and requires fixing.

Just like a kink in a garden hose that prohibits water from fully flowing, a spinal misalignment caused by a car accident diminishes nerve energy from traveling optimally from the spine to the critical organs. Ignoring a spinal misalignment translates into ignoring this critical relationship, and allowing the heart, lungs, digestive system, immune system, and other systems to function in a less-than-normal fashion. In time, this diminished nerve flow will begin to appear as symptoms throughout the body, resulting in more complications and health issues down the line.

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, please don’t wait to get help. Contact Back in Motion P.S. Chiropractic – chiropractor in Spokane today and see if CBP is the right approach to helping you recover from your accident.

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