I was in an auto accident – Can chiropractic care help?

I was in an auto accident - Can chiropractic care help?An auto accident can be an extremely traumatizing experience. In addition to the mental and emotional stress that unfolds after an accident, it’s common for the body to be physically injured.

Even seemingly minor accidents can produce long-term ripple effects on your physical health. Put simply, the impact that accompanies a car accident is not natural to the human body.

As a result, auto accidents can create a significant imbalance in the body. Fortunately, chiropractic care can serve as a highly effective rebalancing therapy after the trauma of a car accident.

Chiropractic care uniquely targets the bones and joints of the body (as well as the nervous and muscular systems), all of which are targeted by an accident. Depending on the type of impact you experienced during an auto accident, you may be suffering various injuries, or you may simply want to take every precaution possible to restore your body to optimal function.

Here are some of the different types of injuries that may occur after a car accident and how chiropractic care can help support your recovery.


A common injury that occurs as the result of impact during an auto accident is whiplash. Whiplash is the sudden jolting of the head and neck from one direction. This can result in sudden muscle damage and strain (spasms, tears, inflammation, and knots) and misalignment in the joints, tendons, and ligaments of the neck.

When whiplash occurs, the nerves in the surrounding area are also subjected to damage. This can result from bruising, compression, constriction, and in rare cases, severing of the nerves.

Chiropractic care is a highly effective method of resolving whiplash damage in the neck and cervical spine. Chiropractic care works on the neuromusculoskeletal system, which addresses each physical layer affected by whiplash.


Similar to whiplash, misalignment can occur at any part of the spine due to impact from a car accident. The force of impact can create subluxations (misalignment) in the joints along any part of the spine.

The good news is that chiropractic care can help correct bones and joints’ misalignment. This makes chiropractic an excellent choice if you suspect that you’re experiencing accident-related misalignment.

Muscle Sprain

Muscle sprain is a common injury in nearly all auto accidents. When an impact happens on the body, for example in the case of a car crash, the body’s natural impulse is to flex the muscles to brace or respond to impact.

When the muscles are tightened, particularly during the experience of impact, this can create a severe strain that remains for weeks following the event. An expert chiropractor can help resolve muscle strain through the use of many different treatments.

Chiropractic intervention can downregulate the nervous system and allow it to relax. Chiropractic adjustments can address certain muscle groups directly, relieving residual strain, knots, and tension.

Slipped Ribs

Slipped ribs happen more easily to some people than others, and for some individuals, floating ribs slip easily at the first sign of stress. Other people, they may never deal with a slipped rib in their entire life, that is until they are injured in an accident.

During a car accident, slipping and breaking ribs is not only possible but likely. Suppose your rib or any other bones are broken.

In that case, it’s essential to seek medical care and ensure that they are re-set appropriately. For ribs that have slipped, this may feel like a sharp stabbing pain, an ache, or an unusual clicking.

You may also feel popping, or pain when pressure is applied to the area of the rib cage (at the base) where ribs “float” and are not attached to the rest of the rib cage. A chiropractor can help to massage and ease slipped ribs back into place, as well as perform local adjustments to help facilitate the transition of the rib back into appropriate alignment.

Head and Neck Trauma

Important: If you believe you are suffering from severe head trauma, seek a medical examination immediately to ensure that no brain damage, internal bleeding, or bruising of the brain tissue (concussion) has occurred.

Outside of trauma to the brain, chiropractors can provide some of the most effective care for head and neck trauma, given their specialty in treating the muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems.

With the help of x-rays and an expert assessment, your posture will be assessed for any imbalances and misalignments to determine where a car accident may have disrupted your natural alignment and head and neck health.

Chronic Back Pain

Whether you feel pain right away after a car accident, or many years later, chronic back pain is a common side effect of the impact resulting from auto accidents. Chronic back pain is characterized by persistent pain that lasts for six months or more.

Like head and neck trauma, an expert chiropractor will utilize a thorough assessment and series of x-rays to determine where your back pain is originating and develop a detailed plan for resolving it long-term.

Booking Your Appointment

If you’ve suffered an auto accident recently or in years past and suspect you may be experiencing residual discomfort and loss of vitality as a result, the time to book your appointment has come. The doctors of Back in Motion Chiropractic are advocates for high-quality, personalized care which is designed to meet your personal needs.

If you live in or near Spokane, WA, our cutting-edge back pain relief and auto accident chiropractic care is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re experiencing challenges with your posture, issues from a genetic condition, age-related degeneration, or something to do with an auto accident or other injury, the expert chiropractors in Spokane WA of Back in Motion P.S. Chiropractic will create a customized treatment plan exclusively designed to meet your needs.

Additionally, the chiropractors of Back in Motion P.S. Chiropractic are certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics®, a form of chiropractic care that only a small select group of chiropractors practice in the Washington area. If you’re ready to begin experiencing the highest wellness and vitality possible for you and your loved ones and to treat the injuries from that auto accident that you may have previously believed you had to live with forever, book your first appointment today.

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