Is Chiropractic Care Just for Bones and Joints?

Is Chiropractic Care Just for Bones and Joints?One of the most common misconceptions about chiropractic care is that it is exclusively intended for the bones and joints. While much of the life-transforming effects of chiropractic care are derived from its ability to work on the skeletal system, chiropractic care is actually a neuromusculoskeletal intervention.

So, to answer the question “is chiropractic care just for bones and joints?” the answer is a resounding no! Chiropractic care is a therapeutic form of treatment that can alter the function of the entire body’s systems in a variety of positive ways.

Below are several of the ways that chiropractic care can affect some of the body’s systems Chiropractic Specialists in Spokane, Wa:

Chiropractic care addresses the muscles of the body

Chiropractic care is a form of wellness care that focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system. This means that in addition to the nervous system and the skeletal system, chiropractic care also treats the muscular system.

The muscles of the body are often in need of care: injuries, accidents, and over- or underuse can all contribute to imbalances of the muscular system. Muscles in the body are sensitive to physical activity, posture, and positioning of the environment.

Oftentimes, working in an environment that does not offer ideal ergonomic support can strain the muscles of the body. When the muscles of the body become strained, this can lead to misalignment of the bones and joints.

Fortunately, regular chiropractic care can help to ensure that the muscles are treated regularly to prevent tension and continued strain from shifting the body’s structure out of place. Chiropractic treatment for muscles may include adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, massage, Chiropractic BioPhysics®, deep stretching, and a variety of physical therapy modalities.

Chiropractic care can improve the function of the nervous system

Chiropractic care is a neuromusculoskeletal modality, which means that it treats the nervous system in addition to the muscular and skeletal systems. Chiropractic care can improve the function of the nervous system with every treatment.

When the body receives an expert adjustment, the immediate and surrounding areas are flooded with nerve energy. Areas that were previously stagnant, or compressed due to misalignment and inflammation, are relieved.

The spinal cord also responds to adjustments and realignment, and due to the relationship between the brain and spinal cord, chiropractic care can help to regulate nerves, provide mental clarity, stimulate dormant nerves and neuronal pathways, and increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

Chiropractic care can increase circulation and circulatory function

The nervous system is one of the systems that chiropractic treatment supports, and as such, it helps to regulate the electrical processes of the body. In the body, electrical processes are primarily controlled by the nervous system, which influences tasks like heart rate, blood pressure, the function of the body’s systems, and cognition (thinking).

Also controlled by the nervous system are movement and sensory perception. When you’re being treated by an expert chiropractor, the nervous system is often balanced as the optimal flow of nerve energy is restored to the body.

Chiropractic treatments allow the area of the body being treated to “reset” at the nerve level. When the nerves are reset, they are able to self-regulate the heart rate, which can aid in decreasing blood pressure and normalizing heart rhythm.

Regulating nerve energy is a helpful component in supporting cardiovascular health and circulatory function. As nerve energy becomes balanced in the body and the cardiovascular system’s electrical activity is regulated, this can impart a sense of calm, an increased sense of energy, and a better response to exercise and other heart-rate-inducing activities.

Chiropractic Care Can Aid In The Respiration And Oxygenation Of The Blood

When the body receives expert chiropractic care, oxygen levels in the body can increase. Chiropractic adjustments can stimulate the lymphatic system to circulate and release fluid through the joints, muscles, and tissues.

As chiropractic treatment helps to decrease stagnation in the body, the performance of the circulatory and respiratory systems are both increased and made more efficient. The detoxifying and stimulating effect that chiropractic care creates in the body’s systems can lead to a boost in oxygen levels in the body.

Chiropractic care can contribute to better digestion

Chiropractic care works in two ways on digestion: by resolving misalignment in the skeletal structure, and by boosting the function of the nervous system. In some severe cases, like in severe scoliosis, the spinal structure can become so misaligned that pressure begins to build on the digestion.

When this happens, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the surrounding area can actually constrict and put pressure on the various components of the digestive system, from the stomach to the intestines. Another way that chiropractic care can help to treat the digestive system is through the nervous system.

When the bones and joints are misaligned, the nerves and nerve bundles throughout the body can become bruised and compressed. Digestion is controlled primarily by the enteric nervous system, which is a component of the nervous system that signals to the body the phase of digestion, how to absorb and secrete nutrients, and other gastrointestinal behavior.

Chiropractic care can help to support the enteric nervous system and other associated nerves that affect digestion either directly or indirectly. This can help to improve digestion and gastrointestinal function long-term.

Chiropractic care can help with soft tissue recovery

After an injury or an accident, soft tissue can become damaged. Examples of this occur whenever there is pain, swelling, bruising, or other damage to the body’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Sprains, strains, contusions (bruising), stress injuries, bursitis, and tendonitis are all examples of soft tissue injuries that can cause pain and discomfort, as well as difficulty during the healing process. Expert chiropractic care can help to prepare the area suffering from the injury for recovery, as well as facilitate a speedier and safer recovery.

This could involve taping the area for isolation, treating the surrounding area to make sure there are no imbalances that could create an obstacle to healing, or gentle manual manipulation to prevent the formation of scar tissue.

Chiropractic Care Helps to Produce Healing Across the Body

Chiropractic care is not simply a treatment for the bones and joints. Although one of its most life-transforming functions is to help restore or preserve optimal posture and alignment in the body, chiropractic care has many additional applications that help to ensure that health and balance are globally supported in all the body’s systems.

If you’re ready to begin supporting your health in every area and body system, chiropractic care can help you on your healing journey. To get started, book your appointment today.

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