Combining Chiropractic With Other Wellness Care

Combining Chiropractic With Other Wellness Care

There are so many different types of wellness care to choose from that it might be tough to decide which one is best for you. For others, the sheer amount of information presented and the dizzying array of alternatives available may cause them to feel compelled to commit to just one.

Selecting just one type of wellness care, for example, as opposed to multiple forms of care at the same time, has advantages – for example, it’s simple to determine which changes are due to your selected form of therapy rather than being treated with a variety of therapies simultaneously.

Choosing just one type of treatment might prevent you from taking advantage of all the wonderful benefits that different modalities can provide. Have you ever pondered whether chiropractic care is compatible with other types of health care? Continue reading to find out what you can accomplish by combining chiropractic with other kinds of treatment.

Massage Therapy

Does it work with chiropractic? Yes!

Corrective chiropractic care and massage therapy are extremely complimentary! Massage treatment is a type of therapy that focuses on transporting blood and fluid throughout and around the body while at the same time relaxing and softening the body’s soft structural components.

Ligaments, tendons, tissues, and muscles make up the soft structural components of the body. Relaxation, rejuvenation, and strengthening of these areas of the body as well as detoxification and lymphatic drainage can all be aided by massage treatment.

Chiropractic care is not only able to help strengthen the body’s structural components, but it can also realign them as well. Furthermore, chiropractic care invigorates the body with fresh circulation and works to decrease inflammation in order to promote healing.

To summarize, combining massage therapy and chiropractic care is an effective way of improving posture, circulation, flexibility, and overall decreasing inflammation within the body.

Physical Therapy

Does it work with chiropractic? Yes!

Chiropractic care is frequently complemented by physical therapy! Physical therapy is frequently used to aid with bodily healing or surgical recovery.

When you require individually tailored exercises, special massage and flexibility, and occupational treatment, you may obtain it from a physical therapist. After operations like knee surgery, hip replacement therapy, limb amputations, and recuperation from ailments like Achilles tendon rupture (and others), physical therapists are frequently employed.

You may also seek treatment from a physical therapist after an illness or sickness caused internal organ injuries, such as learning to walk again following a stroke. If you want to get the most out of chiropractic care and physical therapy, consider combining the two treatments.

Physical therapy can help retrain your body and brain, while chiropractic care may provide all the circulation and nerve energy necessary to support your healing process.

Laser Therapy

Does it work with chiropractic? Yes!

Laser therapy is a type of treatment that uses lasers to reduce pain, improve the body’s ability to heal, and create a warm sensation. It is often used by people who are recovering from injuries or dealing with pain caused by conditions like arthritis or osteoporosis.

Laser therapy can help reduce inflammation, speed up tissue repair, improve nerve function, and stimulate acupuncture points. Chiropractic care and laser therapy can be much more effective when used together to relieve pain, improve healing outcomes, and support areas that are injured or damaged.

Decompression Therapy

Does it work with chiropractic? Yes!

Decompression treatment is a type of wellness care that entails treating the spine’s joints. A patient receiving decompression therapy will typically recline on a specific table and be gently tied to it with light straps, and their legs and arms will then be secured to an opposing portion of the table positioned at their head and feet.

The decompression table/machine will then gently draw their legs and arms in opposite directions, relieving the pressure that has built up in the spine, and allowing spinal discs to relax, release, and absorb blood. Decompression treatment may be an excellent addition to chiropractic therapy.

Decompression therapy is a great complement to chiropractic treatment because it focuses on the bones and joints of the body. You may see significant improvements in your posture, less pain, and greater health and vitality as a result of expert chiropractic treatment combined with decompression.

Regenerative Medicine

Does it work with chiropractic? Yes!

Regenerative medicine, which often employs stem cells, may be an option for people with degenerating joints who want to improve mobility and reduce pain. The stem cells used in regenerative therapy can come from cord blood or other sources.

They’re injected into the hurting joint, where they begin rebuilding tissue. Chiropractic care and regenerative medicine are more effective when used together because they target bones and joints specifically.

Medical Care

Does it work with chiropractic? Yes – usually.

Medical treatment encompasses a wide range of therapies, therefore it’s difficult to say that medical treatment and chiropractic care are always complimentary. For example, one instance when medical care may not be complementary to chiropractic therapy is immediately after surgery.

If you underwent surgery recently, be cautious when combining chiropractic care and medical care. Your doctors should provide specific instructions based on the procedure and location of your surgery.

To receive the best results, get a clear understanding of your condition from your medical doctor and how chiropractic treatments could affect you both short-term and long-term. Chiropractic care and medical treatment can often be complementary to one another. Ask your doctor and chiropractor whether a combination of both would help improve recovery times, general health, or performance goals.

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