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Scoliosis Treatment in Spokane, WAScoliosis is a spinal deformity affecting 9 million people in the United States, and if left untreated, can lead to severe health complications. For this reason, treating scoliosis and ensuring the deformity gets corrected is key in giving patients a new lease on life.

Like any type of spinal injury or deformity, scoliosis is constantly putting harmful stress on the spinal cord and delicate nerves that provide healing energy to the rest of the body. Such stress will in turn affect all the critical organs and bodily functions, resulting in illness, and in some worst cases, a shortened lifespan.

Until now, scoliosis was treated in one of two ways; either through spine surgery or through bracing. With surgery, patients run the typical risks associated with any type of major operation, including infections, complications, and months of rehabilitation. With bracing, the objective has always been to stop the progression of the deformity, with no real attempt to reverse it.

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Introducing a revolutionary, non-invasive, and advanced approach to treating scoliosis. Just as we offer one of the most unique and result-oriented solutions to correcting postural and spinal misalignments, Back in Motion PS Chiropractic offers the most advanced bracing technology in the world, designed to reverse scoliosis.

Each brace is custom-made for each patient based on specific imaging, 3D modeling, body laser scanning, and other variables. The brace works by guiding the body and the spine in the proper direction, and gently, yet consistently, pushing the spine into a more normal state.

In time, this mirror-image correction technique reverses years of damage or neglect, giving patients a much more normal spinal curve, and a much healthier life.

So if you or a loved one is suffering from scoliosis and are looking for a solution that does not involve surgery, please contact Back in Motion PS Chiropractic – Spine care specialist in Spokane, WA today for an appointment to see if ScoliBrace and ScoliCare are the right solutions for you.

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